Sunday, June 20, 2010

Please sir, can I have some more...?

Wow, I just had the most awful day. You know what irks me? When I'm at work, busting my ass for hours and hours on end, and some hobo wanders over asking for handouts. It really makes my blood boil.

I mean, part of me kind of wants to help them, but at the same time one of me gets really really angry, and I'll tell you why: I haven't had a perfect life. I've had to deal with a lot of shit in my time. I've been kicked out of a house, I ran away for a bit, I even ended up in a mental institution for a couple weeks (Long story.). But guess what? I'm not out on the street, asking for free food. And you know why? Because I didn't fucking give up. Life has beat the crap out of me and I get back up. I bust my ass every single day to try and drag myself out of this hellhole that I live in, and some lazy little crackhead wants to take a free ride on my train.

Well screw that. Really. I'm sick and tired of people getting themselves all fucked up on drugs or alcohol and it suddenly becoming the responsibility of those of us who decided NOT to fuck ourselves over to take care of them like some neighbor-hood ally cat. I've already posted about this, I don't like pets. I especially don't like pets who are loud, smelly and straight up rude. I know some people are on this kick that some people can't help it because it's so hard to get a job, and yeah. I've been there. Looking for work sucks. But you know what? I've never once begged for money. Ever. In my entire life. In fact, I've never begged for anything other than to be left alone for 5 fucking minutes, which I rarely get as it is. All it takes to keep yourself out of that situation is self motivation.

I have a high school diploma. That's it. No college degree, and I graduated high school with a 1.8 gpa. But do you see me sitting outside of a window, staring at people like some lost little puppy who won't go the fuck away until you give me something? No. You don't. Life is hard, I'm fully aware. Life kicked me in the ass before I was even born, so I don't want to hear some sob story about the disadvantaged. Been there, done that, and I'm over it. I know this particular rant had no point, but I really just needed to bitch about this to make myself feel better. That's about it.

Friday, June 18, 2010

He who controls the spice, controls the universe...!

Okay. I get it. Oil spill. Jesus Christ, I knew this was going to give the Greenpeace fanboys wet dreams, and I was right. I swear to God people seem to THRIVE off of disaster. It's kind of sad, really. Recently, this whole thing about the big oil spill has been thrown in my face over and over again. I get it, it's a big deal.

And you know, it's not so much that it's an important event that needs to be documented. I understand that much, it's not something you just ignore. I'm well aware of that. But I really really wish all the environmentalists would keep their traps shut. I swear to god, as soon as the dust settled from the catastrophic failure of the rig, the green army leapt into action like howling monkeys, pointing at the oil companies and shouting, "AH HA! GOT YOU NOW, BITCH!"

Really? Is this necessary? I'm so sick and tired of all the freaking finger pointing about who's fault this is. Okay, so let's all blame the BP executives! In fact, let's put them on trial and put them in prison! Horray for justice! Oh wait. The oil's still there. Well fuck, that didn't solve anything, now did it? In fact, let's just put the only company with the most experience with dealing with this kind of situation COMPLETELY out of business and bankrupt it by throwing all these slanderous remarks at it, so that they can't spend the billions required to actually make any progress on this problem. God people are stupid.

But of course, these retarded hippies are just under the assumption that it's easy to fix this problem, and the evil oil executives are like the villains from Captain Planet, sitting in their offices and laughing at the destruction of the environment because that's what gets them off. They think, "We'll just go out there with a pack of organic, biodegradable napkins and soak up this mess with happy thoughts and rainbows." That's not how this works. People really need to stop taking TV seriously.

Let's back up and have a little lesson on the planet, shall we?
First question, where does oil come from? Show of hands? The earth? Yes, that's right. So that means what? Anyone? No? Well, that means that it's a 'natural' resource. Yes, that's right. Crude oil is produced by nature. It's just like a tree. Is that the sound of heads exploding at this revelation? The earth create something as EVIL as Oil? It can't be so! Something so hideous could only be created by the evils of man, right? Wrong. Crude oil is as natural as the birds it's killing. The Earth is destroying itself. There's a real newsflash for you.

Now that we've got that out of the way, let's look at this from a different perspective, shall we? In essence, mankind has just popped one of the biggest zits the earth has ever had. Yeah ok, so that was a bad idea. But hindsight is 20/20. Whining about it isn't going to fix the problem. Pointing fingers and having everyone yell, "Well this is all your fault!" at each other isn't very productive. At all.

The best part is now the president has been dragged into this. I couldn't make up comedy like this if I tried. So now, it's apparently somehow the President's fault that some privately owned company, (Who's headquarters are in London, England by the way) fucked up. I love how everyone suddenly wants to know what the government is going to do about this. Like they hold any responsibility to this at all. The government barely has the ability to pay it's teachers enough to keep them off the streets, and has everyone bitching about how the economy sucks and then they turn around and want them to fit the bill for this disaster? I think the fumes are already starting to affect people's judgment. If anyone has the ability and resources to fix this, BP does, and in fact, they have the most to gain from being the ones to solve the problem. So how about we not waste all their income on pointless court battles when they could be spending it on... you know... cleaning up the fucking oil?

I swear. Any chance people get to pull someone down from their high horse, they will, even if it means mutually assured destruction.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Book != Cover...

So, a while back I was complaining about the gaming industry losing a lot of steam. I still think this is true, but I have to admit that I was slightly wrong about a couple of things. But, when I'm spouting off in a fit of irate ramblings, I'm not exactly fact checking every little bit. Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised when I finally broke down and picked up a copy of Resident Evil 5.

Now, I've always been a huge fan of the Resident Evil series, and I've been following the series since the first game on the PSX. However, lately with Resident Evil 4 and now Resident Evil 5, they've been getting rid of the whole 'zombie Apocalypse' thing and going for the 'bioterrorist threat' thing. While I can honestly say I do miss the whole 'zombie infested city streets' and only having a single clip of handgun ammo and an herb or two to keep me alive, I have to say that for what it is, Resident Evil 5 is well made. They've added a ton of new features to it and fixed a lot of the issues with the game engine developed for Resident Evil 4. The fast turn around is much more intuitive now, which I like, though the aiming is still a little irritating when you're trying to hit things too far away.

Another big plus that was kind of lacking in previous Resident Evil series up until 4 was the use of any kind of reliable melee attacks. In previous games, your only melee attack was with a knife. Now, I dunno if you've ever tried to stab a zombie, but if the guys really don't care about being shot, I don't think poking them with your knife is going to deter them all that much either. And it generally doesn't, so unless you've been playing so much that you can go through the entire game like a DDR player with their back turned to the screen (I.E. Japanese), the knife has always been pretty pointless for anything other than ripping up something that's already fallen after being shot. Well, they changed that in RE 4 and 5, and even more so in 5. I guess now that we're not fighting 'zombies' but just people infected with a virus that makes them crazy, they actually react to being hurt, at least a little bit. So, you can actually keep them back with the knife, or just a few shots to the arm or leg. Of course, with the addition of your enemies dropping ammo and items at random when they die, you're very rarely ever short on ammunition, so it kind of defeats the purpose of having an advanced melee system in place. But regardless, you can still bust out a kneecap and then while they stumble to the ground, swoop up from behind and slit their throat with the knife. That's always cool.

The co-op is well done, and it adds a whole lot to the Mercenaries mode, which made it's debut in Resident Evil 3, but got a remake in RE 4 and 5. It's a lot more fun slaying hordes of zombies with a friend. I think the only thing I don't like is that even though it's quite a fun game, it's not really Resident Evil anymore. The only thing that still gives it that Resident Evil feel is the fact that you can't shoot and move at the same time. A lot of people are turned off by this as it seems like something you would be able to do in any other modern game. But, honestly, if you didn't have to stand still to fire your weapon, the entire ordeal would be a cake walk. It does keep it feeling more like the RPG survival horror of the original RE games, instead of turning it into a Left 4 Dead clone, so I'm going to say I do like the fact that they've kept this mechanic unchanged. My main gripe is just that there's no more zombies. I mean, even in the later stages, you're facing 'infected' with AK47's and Rocket Launchers. Zombies don't use guns! Gha....

Well, with the ending of the game being the way it was, it'll be interesting to see where they take the series from here. I've always had a soft spot for the RE series, and I would love to see them go back to their roots, especially with all the new technology they have available, but I have to say that I was pleasently suprised with my recent purchase.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I'll buy that for a dollar...

Alright, today was an interesting day. Well, not all of it, but the small part of it where I decided to get lunch. I went to Taco Bell because it's cheap and I'm white and too much of a pansy to eat real Mexican food. (But in my defence, I can still call Taco Bell authentic Mexican food if the entire staff is Mexican, right?) Anyway, so I'm standing there waiting for my order to be prepared and hoping to god they don't slop sour cream on my burrito even though I told them specifically not to put it on THREE FREAKING TIMES, and I happen to glance over and see this little advertisement that reads, "Help a student graduate! Donate 1 dollar to..." and some random charity thing. Now, I'm not really a charity type of person to begin with, but I mean, I can see that some of them have at least a smidge of validation for their groveling for cash. I mean, technically supporting disease research helps, even though half the money goes to funding the scientists Starbucks addictions, and donating to Children's charities technically helps keep the streets clear of enough of the brats so that we aren't shoving them off the sidewalk with shovels... but this one in particular... I just couldn't help but find myself completely lost on the point.

So basically, you want my money to help your dumb kid graduate? How the hell does this work? When did money become duct tape? Why is it every time there's a problem people think that if you donate enough money, it will eventually go away. What, do you think if we bribe aids enough money it'll stop infecting people? I mean, I'm not really ragging on charity organizations in general, but this is starting to get a bit out of hand. How exactly is me donating a dollar (Which is one extra taco, mind you.) going to make your kid less stupid? If your child needs my pocket change to help them graduate, then I think you should be a bit worried about his well being AFTER he graduates. I'm all for supporting education, but this doesn't even to seem to make any sense.

Though, I'm sure if I bothered to read the fine print I'd find some explanation as to how exactly my dollar finds a way to teach Timmy his times tables, but I'm guessing most people who donate their dollars don't. Which is what really gets me confused. They suddenly see the word 'donate' and they think that they're making some kind of difference. If the word 'donate' is enough to get people to throw money at me, I think I have a plan to get more tips at work.

Okay, this is my plan. I'm going to make a sign that says we desperately need a tip jar, but we currently can't afford one. So, I'll petition for people to donate money for us to get a proper tip jar. The sad thing is, I bet it would work on some people. Especially if the only way people seem to be able to graduate now days is from donations from cheap asses like myself eating at Taco Bell.

I fear for humanity sometimes.