Sunday, May 15, 2011

Friendship is Magic...

Okay, so lately I've been going back to the traditional route for things I do online. This normally being playing video games and reading online comics. Yes, I'm a nerd. Deal with it.

Anyway, sometimes I also watch web series such as Red vs. Blue and Zero Punctuation... however not long ago I ran across a very delightful viewing experience that is actually a show on real TV (I know, shocker that thing still exists, right?).

The thing that makes this show different is that it's a kids cartoon. Designed for kids. But for some reason, no matter your age, it draws you in and you can easily get hooked on it. Now, bare with me on this because it's probably something you aren't expecting. This amazingly awesome cartoon is none other than the new series of My Little Pony.

Yes. I said it. My Little Pony is back. And it's amazing. Before you start laughing, you should take a minute and check it out. It's not just a show for girls, either... in fact the majority of this show's following is adult males from 18 to 34. I'm not joking. Take a look for yourself:

I know what your first reaction is going to be. "This is the dumbest thing ever... and that theme song... oh god, why am I watching this?!" Yes, that's everyone's first reaction. But keep watching. If you watch the first three episodes and are not screaming 'OMG MOAR!', then you are free to go. So yes. I admit it. I now watch My Little Pony, and I feel 20% cooler for doing so.

And since this is related, I thought I'd bring this up. The webforum I visit, BlogCatalog, hosts this thing called Bloggers Unite. Normally, I'm not really interested, as they mostly just cater to charities that I think are a waste of time and effort, but this one deserves a little attention. Their current campaign is this:

International Day of Compassion
in honor of  Dr. Patch Adams, M.D.

Now, I'm not all hyped about this or anything, but there's an interesting interview with Dr. Adams on another blogger's site, which can be found here:

If you're like me, you were probably thinking, "Wait, isn't this guy dead already?" because they already made a movie about him and I thought there was some unwritten hollywood rule about not making a documentary style movie about someone while they were still alive. But hey, I'm glad he is. I'll admit, I didn't listen to the whole interview but I did skip through some of the parts, and you know... this Patch guy is an pretty interesting guy. I think what he's doing is a bit more of what the world needs, even though I think there should be more than ONE day devoted to this kind of thing.

Everyone could use a little more compassion, and ponies, in their lives. If either one of these things makes you feel like being a little more caring, then I think this post has accomplished it's goal.

And no, I'm not turning over a new leaf. I'm still the cynical, jaded wiseass I've always been... but the point of my blog has always been for people to learn how to stop being stupid and stop making the world such a hard place to live in. (And hopefully, a good laugh here and there.) If it wasn't for my utter fear of clowns (Mainly for their horrible sense of fashion), I would probably very much enjoy sitting down for a chat with Dr. Patch myself. But the man is way too busy making a difference in people's lives to waste on someone like me who just bitches at passers by on the internet like a crazy homeless person.

Here's to you, Dr. Adams, for actually making me give a damn about one of these otherwise overly hyped charity things people try to shove in my face every other day.


  1. I love your post!!

    There are so many charity things circling the web, so I only pay attention the ones I really like. And as you know, This was one of them ^_^

    Patch certainly deserves more attention and the fact that he never got a dime of the movie Hollywood made just makes me mad. They made so much money out of that movie, they could easily have helped Patch and his dreams.

    I'm glad you wrote this post as it made me pop over your blog and I really like the way you write. PLUS! You love gaming & comics & cartoons! Totally awesome! I think I'm not like everyone else, because I sang along with the theme song...*ahem*

    I'm currently obsessed with Naruto, bleach and now...I should add My Little Pony to the list as well.


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  4. The video is really cute! make sense. Thanks! Friendship is really a magical thing in this earth you don't know each other at first but you try to get along and don't realize that you even eat on the same plate etc.

  5. I too have discovered the awesome that is My Little Pony. I needed no convincing :)

    I love your style of writing, glad I stumbled upon your blog!

  6. The 'bronies' certainly are all over the internet! I was surprised when I found this out through Memebase, when there were several MLP references. I conducted a skillful Google search and, whoa, WTF, bronies? But be assured, I have yet to watch the show. It's on my to-do list.

  7. The link to the ponies wasn't working by the time I found your blog, but I'm a great believer that things that might appear to be only for kids aren't necessarily so, in fact the best ones are definitely not only for the kids. I figure we all need to keep the little kid inside us alive anyway. It's good for our joy quotient.

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