Sunday, May 1, 2011

Oh, it's you...

So, long time no blog. Bleh, I mean, I come by and look at this thing once in a while and I get the urge to post something and then suddenly I get the urge to fall asleep. I swear I should have been born a cat. But, just so I don't feel like I'm wasting ALL of my time, it's about time to update what's going on in my utterly pointless, boring existance.

Couple new things... one... NEW COMPUTAR! And I'm not just talking some little bucket that I managed to get working. I went all out and dropped a good hard earned load on this thing. Wait... that sounded... uh... anyway, moving on... let's just say I can finally play all the stuff I've been stuck not being able to play.

First up on the menu is going to be Portal 2.

All I have to say is this: My god, there has never been a better digital experience known to man than this. I'm not making this up. Valve has outdone themselves and has created THE perfect game. Again. Portal 1 was fantastic. It was something beyond the scope of what most people would deem perfection... and Valve IMPROVED perfection. And then added multiplayer. Mutliplayer Perfection folks, that's some shit right there. Even if you don't like video games, find someone who owns this game and watch them play it. You will be entertained in a way you have never been entertained before. That's all I really can say.

Also... long awaited and finally able to get involved.... Starcraft II baby! Though somewhat overshadowed by the perfection that is Portal 2, it's still a great update to the game I poured so many hours into. I'm not going to bore you with all the little details, but I've been having a lot of fun learning the new units. Oh, and having a new mouse helps... especially a mouse with 17 fuckin' buttons on it, BIATCHES! That's right, I have a 1-12 NUMBERED KEYPAD on the side of my mouse. It's FANTASTIC.

Eh.... anyway, some non-game and computer related stuff time now... if you've noticed, which you probably haven't because you've probably been waiting for an obituary post instead, I've updated my links section, even if I haven't updated the blog itself. I found a new nifty little webcomic that seems to have just started not too long ago called Spinnerette. It's not entirely an original concept as far as superhero comics go, but at the same time it's a lot of fun to read regardless. Also, even though I've been following this comic since long before I started a blog, I recently started reading Las Lindas again. I'll be straight up honest about this one... it's a furry comic, and it's probably not going to appeal to everyone, but I got some enjoyment out of it, and it's my damn blog so I'll link to whatever I damn well please. Last up is Bittersweet Candybowl. The art is not as good as the first two I linked but there's a lot of heart in this comic and the style is not so bad, really. It's just different. Also, this one has it's funny moments, but in reality has a lot more of a dramatic feel to it. I'm generally not into drama that much but the story is one that gets you feeling for the characters without it trying to shove the drama down your throat. I can appreciate that.

 That's all I can think of right now. I'll try to come up with something funny and/or entertaining for my next post. Hopefully soon. But I'm not gonna promise anything... after all - those minerals ain't gonna mine themselves...

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